Gilroy Diaspora

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Diaspora is the term of the movement of enormous number of people, who start to exile from their country to different countries all over the world, and in which they share the same traditions or the motherland they are live in. In this article Black Atlantic Gilroy shows that the black skinned people have a relationship between the Western and Eastern people and how they become a modern society, in which we can distinguish them because of their honor work. According to Gilroy he marks us the African diaspora. He emphasizes the idea, in which he gives us the study of diaspora and involved the heritage of slavery. This essay will summarize the idea of how the black people evolved themselves, and how they change their history, and the idea of…show more content…
Moreover, it shows that Gilroy highlights the definition of Black Atlantic in which it “refers to a system historical, cultural, linguistics and political interaction and communication that originated in the process of enslaving Africans.” (Gilroy, 1) By this he means that the African people have their own system, which includes the development of culture, history, linguistics and their political communicates which summarize the idea of that Black Atlantic they are not just slaves for the white skinned people they are the ones who change the thought in which they evolved their historical life by changing the idea of being slaves in a revolution way, also they change their cultural life by adding to our life the jazz instrument, in which it helps them to think in a better way towards their origins. Moreover, Dayan agrees on the point that the black people were slavery and that this idea was a history in which they vanished this point and they are more modern nowadays because of how they changed their history and their future that no one would imagine that one day they will be free and independence without being obedient. This quote shows this idea “In Gilroy's attempt to anchor "black modernism" in "a continued proximity to the unspeakable terrors of the slave experience," the slave experience becomes an icon for modernity; and in a strangely magical…show more content…
This point shows that people think that the black are considered as slavery without even give them the appreciation of what they have done for the society, and how Gilroy changed this idea by standing by their side and give readers the value towards the slaves. Also, Gilroy shows that we should direct our attention not only to the land but to the sea because of the idea that the Black Atlantic were not depend just on government, the power behind commercials and their connection to
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