Black Bears Persuasive Speech

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“The 750,000 black bears of North America kill less than 1 person a year.” Black bears should not be killed.Remember the times you hug and love teddy bears, but now it doesn’t make sense that people want to KILL them. They are innocent animals that you take a life from for your own benefit and is not going to stop the population from growing. Others kill them just for a boast or a simple display. People don’t think about other bears that are left alone well, thanks to hunters they will eventually die. Black bears are not dangerous, they are afraid of you. But killing to much bear will also lead to a big change to the ecosystem. Hundreds of bears are dying in the bear hunt. It all benefits the humans, killing a bear just for prize and possession…show more content…
But in reality Black bears are not that aggressive.They look very devastating but they are actually afraid of you more than you being afraid of them. In fact if you have seen a bear up close you have a 75% chance seeing them climb up a tree. They climb up a tree because they are afraid of you harming them. In addition, even if they do gently slap you it is just because you made contact to them first thinking if you are going to do something worse. To sum up, black bears are not aggressive as people think they are. Have you ever heard the quote “one lie leads to the other?” That is exactly what the effects of bear hunt of going to be. Every animal has a part in the ecosystem. Without one species of animal the ecosystem has a great chance of it falling apart. For instance they could also keep the insect population under control and also clear the forest floor it does this by ripping apart logs,plants and going through other insects for food. Since the bears are at the top of the food chain they can eat an animal that is sick and old. This results in the population of animals are under control. So without black bears the forest would be a lot more unorganized and the population of insects and other animals would be

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