Black Boy Critical Analysis: People And Their Stereotypes

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Critical Analysis - People...and Their Stereotypes
A frequent element in the Black Boy novel is also a notable, debatable issue in socialization--race. Race has been unfortunately associated with stereotypes. Not only do stereotypes bring negativity to racial groups, but also the racism between white people and black people, and the 1861 American Civil War. In Black Boy, Richard ends up meeting whites as he is on his journey, and many are known to be brash, mainly how some put a tone of aggression towards him. This critical analysis will try and dig some aspect of race being put into play in many of the events of the Southern Night--the first part of two.

In this analysis report, I will cover some actions Richard did, what he didn’t and
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Although the reason wasn’t explicitly stated in the book, I believe it was because of his wits for looking for a challenge, since he has been treated tough as a child.

My opinion on the two actions are lopsided, for the fact. Since I haven’t actually experienced either getting drunk by whiskey or turning down free cash, I won’t really know. However, if I was in Richard’s shoes about drinking (alcohol), the first instinct is of me leaving as that would make me uncomfortable. I am trying to avoid drinking with anything known with high alcohol levels, so I don’t end up doing something law-breaking, or get a DUI. As for not accepting money, it depends on the situation. Back in Richard’s times, money was a desperate need to have. Now, it’s not so much, but it would nice to hold out a little backup money.
(continues on the next page…) Black Boy has many shares of dark content, as Richard’s life (in my opinion...again) is pretty deep, and tragic events really do shake the drama scale. Because of this, there were many events that made me felt uneasy. And that’s how races play a major role in the novel…

...likely the lead

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