Black Boy Granny's Madness Analysis

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Can madness be a profound kind of sanity? In Richard Wright’s novel Black Boy, the character of Granny is portrayed as strictly religious, making Granny justifiably maddening and irrational in many ways. However, with reasoning, this madness can be seen as sanity if you look through Granny’s eyes. This madness and irrationality takes a big role in the novel and influences the main character, Richard, greatly. Granny is a very religious member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Granny is the oldest member of the church and as the eldest in the church, holds Granny and Granny’s family in the strict teachings of the church. Granny’s grandson Richard, is greatly affected by these overly strict teachings. Richard isn’t sure about religion and God and surely doesn’t want to commit to Granny’s teaching. Why would Richard? This God Granny teaches about seems cruel and merciless like the white world surrounding Richard. Granny stresses condemnation will follow those who do not follow the teachings of God and by God. Granny strikes fear into…show more content…
Granny creates a harsh atmosphere in the beginning. This atmosphere keeps the novel interesting. Granny’s intensity can be felt. Granny’s harsh intensity pushes Granny’s family members into being cold towards anyone who does not follow the teachings or religions of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, with the exception of Richard. This same intensity is what drives Richard away from religion and family, and into a life of Richard’s own. Throughout life, Richard doesn’t bother much with religion. The harsh overbearing words of Granny, pushed Richard to succeed without relying on anyone or anything, especially God. Throughout the novel Granny’s overbearing and seemingly mad ways caused Richard to stray from family. Ironically, Granny’s overbearing ways caused the rest of Granny’s family to stay rooted in the traditions and religion of the Seventh-Day Adventist

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