Black Cat Crossing: A Bad Luck Cat Mystery

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Black Cat Crossing is the first book in the A Bad Luck Cat Mystery.

Sabrina Tate has quit her job and has moved to Lavender, Texas to take care of her Aunt Rowena, who is recovering from a bad fall. Rowe owns several little cabins that she rents out to vacationers.

Sabrina is is having a cup of coffee at the Hot Stuff Coffee Shop, and working on a book she is writing, when Thomas Cortez, her aunt 's handyman, comes in bleeding from his arm. The cut was a result of a black cat taking a swipe at him. He and several other residents of town would like to see the cat out of town. Sabrina doesn 't hold with the superstition that black cats are a bad omen. He also tells her that Bobby Joe Flowers, Rowena 's cousin and a thorn in her side is

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