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9 Stories About Black Cats That Made Them Halloween Icons

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a pumpkin head, a witch and a black cat? Automatically, we think about Halloween! This is because our minds were trained to do this since we were small fearful little kids.

It’s not a secret that if you want to get a gazillion hits on your YouTube video, simply include a cute cat in it. People adore cats, when they see a cute cat video, nothing will stop them from clicking the video. Cats are click magnets!

Because all cat lovers are fond of taking photos of those awkward cute cat poses, taking a snap of a black cat can be frustrating to say the least. Well as shutterbugs would know, taking a photo of anything black like coffee
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During his funeral the black demon cat appeared and circled around his coffin. The demonic cat also went on to harass the master's son too. People say that the ghost cat continues to haunt anyone that comes to the Mathis plantation to this day.


This story originates from Fort McAllister where a black cat would cross the battle field and dodge bullets and canons without effort. It seems the cat was immortal and was not afraid of death. This cheered up the fighters and gave them courage.

Unfortunately, the cat's luck went out and it got hit with a stray bullet and died. The news of the cat's death even reached a general as everyone got saddened by the news.

Now, visitors frequently see a black cat running through the National Park the same way the original cat did. Locals claim that the visitors are seeing a ghost of phantom cat.


In 1970, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania closed its doors. Cats found refuge in the facility because of the food and free shelter. All the cats were humanely euthanized, but a few years ago a local artist put together 39 cat sculptures and placed these where the cats were commonly seen. Some sculptures are scattered among the ruins of the jail, giving it a ghostly appeal for the folks visiting the
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