Reflective Essay On Black Consciousness

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There are so many historic braches that lead to Black Consciousness as their main cloud. Black Consciousness doesn’t exist in vacuum; it has a history, concepts, Black Theoreticians and events that elucidate it. This reflection paper will look at the being of Black Consciousness from Scientific Racism, Black Power and Pan Africanism. The universal contribution and struggle of the Black Theoreticians - Stokely Carmichael, Martin Luther King Jr , Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey. W. E. B. Dubois, Kwame Nkrumah - of the Black Liberation Movement is the water that grew and gave power to the seed of consciousness in the hearts of people of colour throughout the globe. The different conceptualisations of black power will be shown intertwiningly with doctrine…show more content…
This is exactly how black power is. It can’t be ascribed a single meaning (King J. M., 1967). Black Power can be conceptualised as a cry of disappointment. This is because black power was born from the wounds of despair of the Negroes under the abhorrence of white power (King J. M., 1967). Therefore Black Power is a reaction to the failure of white power. It is a symbolism of a mind and action shift from a devotion of a non-violent direct action to a violent necessary action for change. Even though Martin Luther King didn’t deny the existence of the violent progressive strategy he didn’t believe in it. He was different from all the other black power theoreticians in that he preached a black-white alliance towards change (non-separatism). Carmichael as the leader of SNCC abandoned the nonviolent strategy and went for separatism, non-integration and creating economic opportunities for black Americans through Black Nationalism and the militant action. Malcolm X Spoke the same language as Carmichael and said, “Negroes must look up to the African countries that have achieved independence as they didn’t achieve it through a non-violent movement (Malcolm,
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