Black Cultural Appropriation

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Being black in America has become a curse and a blessing for those who identify within the black community. Most mainstream artists that are successful are black, there is biracial president who identifies himself black, and black culture has become the popular culture. Ironically, there in lies the problem with black culture becoming the dominating culture. Everyone wants to be black until police brutality, racism, and a historical prejudice are brought into the mix. In my group our topic was the title of my paper, “Shades of Grey”: Narratives of Black Experience. We covered the topics of the view of African-Americans in society, media coverage and stereotypes, and black cultural appropriation. My portion of the group assignment was to cover black cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is is the…show more content…
Everyone wants the plump, full lip look that has been featured on magazines. Many celebrities have gotten lip injections to get such look, one of the most relevant being Kylie Jenner. Kylie is daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner and younger sister to Kim Kardashian. Kylie has become one of the most followed people on Instagram. She got temporary lip fillers over two years ago and since then her star has shot into the atmosphere. However, when this look has been sported on black women and men it is seen as cartoonish and unordinary. For many years white men would don blackface and leave a wide area around the mouth to make fun of how big black people’s lips where. Lastly, the cultural appropriation of Hip Hop culture has been on the rise for many years. From the music to the fashion, white consumers ( usually young) have become obsessed. There have been many “Hip Hop” themed college parties where the young, white students would do blackface, wear a gold chain, grills, and extra big clothing. They did this because sadly that is how they see black people, as a
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