Black Culture: Similarities Between Cajuns And Other Cultures

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Everyone have different cultures everywhere in the world. there are all types of people with different ways of doing things. Like cajun culture it is unique. The food we eat, the music we listen to, and the cloths we wear and other factors. There is another rare culture that I am interested in it is black culture. There are so many different accusations about them like they are thieves, they love chicken, excedera but most of them are false. In my eyes everyone is the same we just do different things or have different ways of doing the same thing. Cajun culture is a great example. Like the food we eat. It is very different from other cultures but it’s still food. The cloths we wear might not be very different but the way we talk might be the biggest factor between cajuns and other cultures.…show more content…
Black culture is really one of a kind where do I start. First let me point out the amazing things the people went through. Slavery is the most talked about thing when people bring up the topic of black culture. The way they got out of it was really amazing it shows that if people stand together they can do anything. From slavery and standing together to freedom and fighting each other. It’s like the freedom that we worked so hard to get is not helping us but putting a toll on the black culture. Instead of fighting discrimination we are fighting each other. The music that they listen to doesn’t help out at all it just makes them want to fight each other more. One thing that we can hope on is the future because this culture has nothing but a bright future. Cajun and black culture are two true one of a kind cultures. Their kind of the same if you look at it. Their is some black in cajun culture. The weird thing is that I am part of both
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