Black Dahlia Killer Theories

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The Black Dahlia Killer Theories The Black Dahlia murder was made into a movie. Elizabeth Short came to hollywood to become a movie actress. She was 22 at the time of her murder and she was from massachusetts and her case was never solved. The mystery of The Black Dahlia murder can be summed up into two theories: The killer was Dr. George Hodel and the killer was Leslie Dillon. To begin, Los Angeles the place to become a star but it ended roughy for a young girl named Elizabeth Short. This happened “ In 1947 during the winter, a 22-year old girl’s body was found packed and severed in a vacant lot in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Crenshaw” (Simon). In fact, elizabeth Short’s body was found by Betty Brisinger while she was walking her daughter…show more content…
George Hodel and was believed to be The Black Dahlia killer. In the coming years a retired LAPD detective named Steve Hodel became curious after finding a picture of a girl he’d believed was Elizabeth Short among the keepings of his father Dr. George Hodel (Pruitt). In fact, Steve came to believe that his father used his medical expertise to kill and disfigure Short and other victims before fleeing to Asia in 1950s (Pruitt). Finally, While searching for evidence on Dr. George Hill Hodel’s house where they used they used a police dog named Buster with a great sense of smell and Buster detected the scent of human decomposition in many area of his father 's basement (Black Dahlia). The most convincing evidence is old recording of a conversation between Hodel and an unknown person which Hodel states “ Supposin i did kill the Black Dahlia. They couldn’t prove it now. They can’t talk to my secretary because she is dead” (Black Dahlia). With all this evidence pertaining to Dr. George Hodel it’s easy to see why some people say he was the killer. To sum up people believed that George Hodel used his medical experience to kill and dissect her and left her for dead then other people believed he killed more people and decompose them in his

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