Black Dahlia Murder Essay

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According to the corners report there were many different lacerations and including the dilation of her anal cavity; it was concluded they had been done much later after her death occurred. Now concerning the hundreds of people that came forward to admit they had been the ones to commit the crime of killing “the black dahlia”, there were a few that had stood out as possible suspects. But the only one that was arrested was a young man by the name Red Manley; he was a 26-year-old married man who was very intensely investigated even was showed off in front of the media while he was in handcuffs at that time. Later on he was cleared of all suspicion of the murder due to passing numerous amounts of lie detector tests, but there are some theories…show more content…
hodel has posted on his personal website that there’s three different myths when it comes to the whole speculation surrounding the murder of Elizabeth short. These myths list such as; 1. Standalone murder, 2. The missing week, and 3. Black dahlia murder never solved. The first is about a myth that the criminal that had committed the murder had never committed a crime previously killing Mrs. Short. The second one is based on the missing week between her leaving the Baltimore hotel and turning right then being seen walking south on the sidewalk of said hotel then till her naked body was found decapitated in the vacant lot all but a week…show more content…
The death of the decomp traces as the doctor explains come from 20-100 years ago, as he explains this finding doesn’t mean it will help to determine whether or not if it was murder or not. On the other hand, these said findings are no doubt consistent with detective hodel’s theory of murder victims buried in shallow graves over a century ago. in the article by nbc news dr. Vass says this newly found evidence could more than likely clear about ten cases that are attached to this evidence found by both him and
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