Black Death In The 16th Century Essay

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During the Sixteenth Century, or the fifteen hundreds, medicine and hygiene were not nearly as popular as today. They also did not know the importance of having good hygiene. I will first tell you the basics about Shakespeare. You may be asking, who is Shakespeare. That’s fine, you may not know . Black Death was a horrible disease, wiping out much of the human population during that time. It wiped out nearly sixty percent of the population in European countries or hundred million people. They had hardly any to no idea what it was, let alone where it had came from. This led to many of them dieing. Keep in mind this would be a hard time, even without sickness going around so common. What would you do if doctors were not nearly as experienced…show more content…
It was carried from animal to animal, mammal to mammal. This includes people too. The people who got affected were strong and weak, old and young. Just about all got affected by this horrible sickness. Which was in Europe during 1347, otherwise known as the Fourteenth Century. People were terrified of it, they separated them and their families from others, and left their family who carried the plague. It was every man for themselves. The symptoms of the most common plague, which is called black death consisted of bigger lymph nodes, headaches, chills, fever, and…show more content…
People did have their own little ways of curing the stench that filled the air because of them. Women used different kinds of fragrances. While men, used herbs, they stuck some in between their arm-pits. Hygiene also helped disease spread, and fast. Since toilets had not been invented yet, people just threw their waste out there windows. Normally right into public streets. This is also a reason why things stunk. It also probably did not help that they left corpse in the middle of town, they just sat there and rotted and decayed over a long period of time. Brushing their teeth was also not a thing. Instead, they would used fish and vinegar to clean their

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