Black Death: The Black Plague

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The Bubonic Plague is commonly referred to as the Black Death or the Black Plague. The plague lived through the oriental rat flea, or Xenopsylla cheopis. These fleas feed on blood and that is how they transmit the infection. The Black Death was one of the worst pandemics in human history. It traveled through Europe for over three years. It is responsible for millions of deaths throughout Europe in the 1340s. It is said to have killed up to 50 million between 1346 and 1350. The huge population decline served many economic consequences. The need for labor rose, while the population was decreasing. Despite not being thoroughly documented, there are many poems and other works of literature from this time period. The Black Plague changed the course of European history, resulting in massive social and economic disruption.
The Black Plague was one of the worst pandemics in history. For Instance, Gale student resources stated “The black Plague is a bacteria called Yersinia Pestis… The bacterium is a mutated form, which targets the body’s immune system, allowing deadly bacteria to multiply easily”(“Black”). This quote tells us that it was easy for the bacterium to spread and grow. This would make the Plague very contagious. Gale student resources also wrote, “For the infected, the plague’s gruesome symptoms - gangrene, puss-filled glands , and even dissolving lungs -- prevent infection. Instead medieval doctors tried to cure their patients by bleeding them, which tended to worsen
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