Why John Neihard's Black Elk Speaks?

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In the following I would like to write about two different characters. One of them is Black Elk who is the most famous North American Indigenous dreamer in recent times, thanks to John Neihard’s book, Black Elk Speaks. The other one is Frederick Douglass who was an African-American social reformer, abolitionist orator, writer, and statesman. Both people were dominant figures in their time. While reading through Black Elk’s autobiography, I enjoyed John Neihardt’s writing about Black Elk’s life more than any others we have discussed in class so far. Black Elk Speaks has several genres such as autobiography, testimonal, tribal history and elegy. The book was written in the early 1930’s by the Midwestern author John G. Neihardt. Black Elk told the story of his…show more content…
Black Elk especially told about his vision that he did not tell to anyone even his best friend Standing Bear. Black Elk had a son, Ben, who interpreted for John and his father and Neihard’s daughter was the one, who wrote their conversation down. The holy man, medicine or priest was born in 1863, to a family in the Ogalala Lakota band of the Sioux. This autobiography is divided into 25 chapters, which tells us about Black Elk’s early life. John describes Black Elk’s life, how he became a healer with many visions that happened to him when he was young. We can read about the circumstances about the conversation as well. In the beginning of the book Black Elk tells the story of a holy pipe which is an important accessory of the story. The autobiography includes the description of the great vision that Black Elk had when he was 9 years old. This is in the third chapter which is the longest and most complicated chapter of the book. In his vision the six grandfathers give him simbolic objects in the clouds. After this vision he felt himself different from the others. Then in the following chapters a growing conflict appears between the white Americans and the Sioux. The Sioux suffered
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