Black Eyed Kids Research Paper

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The topic of Black Eyed Children, also know as Black Eyed Kids (BEK), is not one that I hear about very often. It is, however, one that creeps me out a bit just thinking about it. In case you haven’t heard about BEK’s, which I 'm sure you have, they are described as paranormal creatures, possibly alien-human hybrids, resembling children between the ages of 6 and 16. Their skin is generally pale and eyes are solid black with no pupil or iris. The stories that I have heard involve them approaching your car or showing up at your doorstep at night. They try to convince you to let them in your house or car but, if you do, bad things happen. Embed video As I have said before, I consider myself a skeptical believer. I don’t believe every legend or ghost story that I hear. The legend of Black Eyed…show more content…
They love murals. In fact, there are 18 original, hand-painted murals throughout downtown. They are pretty to look at as you stroll through town, but one, in particular, stands out and has given me the chills since I moved here. Below is how it is described on the website: “Scouting through Time (317 Washington Street) - “Kids Throughout the Decades” is the theme four local Girl Scout troops selected for this mural that served as their Gold Award Project. The scrapbook-style mural features pictures that show how kids lived and played during the 1800s through the 1930s. All of the photos have special significance in the history of the Girl Scouts.” If you take a closer look at this mural you will notice that for some reason, most of them have black eyes. Why? Beats me!! Maybe the artist just wasn 't good at painting eyes. I don 't know, but it seems a little weird to have a mural of Black Eyed Children in the middle of a small town. If anybody else from Chillicothe happens to know a backstory on this, please let me know. If I find more information, I will definitely do a follow-up
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