Black Female Identity In America

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Black female Identity in America has changed as decades and centuries have changed. When African men and Women were captured and stripped from the shores of Africa in 1619 and brought to an unknown strange land the women served as a comfort for the broken African men. After 200 years of slavery and after the torture, rape, castration, scare tactics, beatings and mental bondage and the broken family structure, the African women reminded them of love and peace, they told them that a change will come, they reminded them to pray and to know that God is watching. The declaration of Independence was signed in 1863 there was a sense of relief, and hope. One hundred years later, in 1963 the Negro woman was still standing beside the Negro man as we marched for equality, the right to vote, and integration. Negro women would not take no for an answer. 53 years later black women created a group called Black Lives matter to shine light on the injustices done to black men around the country due to police brutality. The black woman is a strong, exotic, educated human being, she has saw more hurt than any other nationality, yet she still finds time to smile and try to fix a broken world. Will the black female identity ever be recognized?…show more content…
She spoke more about this identity change and said that because Eatonville was a all black town she felt confortable and at home, however when she moved to Jacksonville and began to go to school there she was the “negro girl” not Zora and she never understood why they wouldn’t accept her for herself and not judge or ridicule her because she wasn’t what they were used to looking
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