Black Friday Argumentative Analysis

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Every year, millions of people go out on Black Friday hunting for the best deals and doorbusters. Supporters of Black Friday believe that Black Friday is the start of the holiday season and it is a good time for retailers to break even or maybe make a profit on the year's sales. Opposers believe that Black Friday is against the real meaning of Thanksgiving and that stores are opening up too early and intruding into family time. Because there are many opinions and beliefs about Black Friday it is a controversial topic that with valid info can support both sides of the argument.
Supporters of Black Friday believe that it’s a good time to boost sales and to start the holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation(NRF) in 2013 over
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The Pilgrims wanted Thanksgiving to a time for, “Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and reflect” (Auerbach). Thanksgiving was created to be a time for Americans to raise spirits and be with their families. It was also a time for people to give thanks and have a stress free night, but Black Friday takes people away and makes them stressed. With Black Friday happening every Thanksgiving, millions of people are away from their families. Another reason opposers don’t like Black Friday is because stores are opening up too early. Stores have been starting to open up earlier to try to beat their sales opponents, so people have been saying that “many retailers are even openly encouraging consumers to skip the family tradition and go shopping at their stores on Thanksgiving Day” (Auerbach). With stores opening on Thanksgiving Day it takes about one million workers away from their families to work at the stores on Black Friday. Stores used to open up at midnight but now they are starting to open up around six o’clock on Thanksgiving day right in the middle of peoples Thanksgiving dinner. It also takes people away from the dinner table to go and shop. All of these are the reasons to why we should not have Black Friday because it takes away from the real meaning of Black Friday.
Black Friday is a controversial topic with many different beliefs. Supporters
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