Black Girl Research Papers

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered still as a man with a dream. Everyone has a dream, but whether they want to wake up from it or keep dreaming it is the question at hand. Children often aspire to someday have super powers just as those they see on television. But, of course, their dreams are belittled because they are constantly reminded of the fact that superpowers, in reality, do not exist. However, to be a young, gifted, and black female in America in the 21st century is a superpower. Although practicing weightlifting is normally not recommended until reaching puberty because it can stunt their growth, black girls have been in the weight room since birth. It is no yellow brick road growing up black. There are often cases where…show more content…
Some black girls change their names because employers dispose of their applications because they have a black, or rather ghetto name. In fact, employers don’t approve of natural hair styles because they look “unprofessional”. Employers do so with the intention of excluding people of color from their place of employment. In addition to being neglected in the professional field, young, gifted, and black girls have to wear costumes in their own communities. They are often judged and ridiculed because they clearly enunciate their words when communicating with others. They are often told that they sound white. People who say that are only as ignorant as their speech. Being a super hero requires one to wear a disguise rather than truly being oneself. It is no easy task being young, gifted, and black in the 21st century; it requires superpowers. As a super hero, it is a requirement to stand with distinction. People respect those who recognize themselves as significant in society rather than those who believe they are irrelevant. An English professor once stated; “You will be desired by others if you are desired by yourself.” Everyone loves a
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