Black Hand Society Causes

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In the First World War, alliances, The Black hand Society, and Princip were the most instrumental in causing the war. The alliances the European countries had with each other was an outstanding reason of cause of the war. After Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia immediately sided with Serbia and Germany with Austria-Hungary. Further into the war more countries got involved because of the alliances, these countries include, Canada, Britain, France, and Belgium. These alliances turned a feud between two countries into a world war. I believe, the war wouldn’t had happened without alliances, because without them the other nations would have no reason to get involved. In conclusion, the alliances between the countries was one of the…show more content…
The Black Hand Society was a group of Serbian nationalists who wanted to assassinate Franz Ferdinand. Franz Ferdinand was the archduke of Austria-Hungary. The group assassinated the archduke because they wanted a unification of the Slavic people and hoped his death would cause a rebellion against the Austrian rule. If the Serbian Nationalists hadn’t killed the archduke, Austria-Hungary wouldn’t of declared war on Serbia. To conclude, in my opinion, this event is what sparked the war into action and without it the war wouldn’t of happened. Lastly, The most important person in the cause of the war is Franz Joseph Ⅱ. After his son was assassinated he made many demands Serbia had to fulfil. When Serbia didn’t meet the Duke’s demands he declared war on the country. Franz Joseph Ⅱwas the one who initiated the war when he declared it against Serbia which drawed the other Europeans into it because of their alliances. In conclusion, Franz Joseph Ⅱwas one of the most instrumental people in the cause of war because of his declaration of war against Serbia. To conclude, each one of these factor are very instrumental on their own but, also go hand in hand. If ,The Black Hand Society hadn’t assassinated the archduke of Austria-Hungary, then Franz Joseph Ⅱwouldn’t of declared war on Serbia. Without the declaration of war the countries wouldn’t of had to use their allies. I believe these are the most important factors of the war because to together they make a strong
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