Black History Month Autobiography

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Black history month is a yearly commemoration dedicated to the accomplishments made by African Americans. As an African American female, I am persistently faced with discrimination, stereotyping and sexism. I am aware that the racism and discrimination we face today is not nearly as atrocious as what my ancestors experienced, but it is still exceedingly difficult being black in America. I give thanks to the great deal of African Americans before my time who fought for our freedom. There are countless blacks who inspire and motivate me everyday. However, I have to give thanks to one woman in particular, and that is my grandmother, Georgie Ann Finch. Georgie Ann is one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Being the mother of 4 beautiful black women, she had to help make a change in the lives of blacks. My grandmother was an active member in her community. She served a chairman of the NAACP Chattanooga branch; President of the A. Phillip Randolph Association; a Democratic Black Caucus member; and…show more content…
The mark she made on her community, and in the hearts of me and my families lives will never be forgotten. We as African Americans face so much racism due to the colour of our skin, and the fact that we are strong, outspoken individuals. I always embrace my culture. I am proud of who I have become and I plan to grow into the person that God has put me on this earth to become. Without the strength and intelligence of all the African Americans, I would not be able to partake in the activities that I am currently involved in. Without the strong minded individuals in the African American community we would not have a black president, nor would we have such amazing black leaders. I believe that my black is beautiful and my confidence would not be nearly as great if it wasn 't for my beautiful, strong, powerful and intelligent grandmother. Georgie always told me to stay strong, and that I could be anything I wanted to be if I worked for
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