Black History Month Essay

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America gives off this holier than thou attitude. If you ask a patriotic person about America, you would think that this is the greatest place on earth. Granted there are worse places to be, ironically these places have suffered because of America. America as a whole society is hypocritical, racist, and sexists. The white male is placed at the head of all social. Political, and financial orders. This country judges every other country without judging itself. Not only this but the people who go so hard for this country don’t even realize the lies they have been told. America has created a society that is fueled off of greed, self-indulgence, and conceit, while simultaneously promoting a culture of insecurity, lack or worthiness, and “self-help.”…show more content…
The school systems would be extremely different. For one, history class would no longer be whitewashed and Eurocentric. It would be truthful from the start and Christopher Columbus would certainly not be celebrated. History would also include all Americans and not just white Americans. There would no longer be a need for Black History Month. It would include the true nature of the Unites States interests in other countries and never sugar coat the evilness of colonialism. School in this society would place a greater emphasis on the arts. The arts are subjects that create more well-rounded students and get students involved. They create a space for creativity and expressing yourself, not only this but the arts facilitate for change. Furthermore, School would be different in the way that students would only learn what would be useful. Math in high school would include math that is helpful for life. A life skills class would also be something required in high school. Students would be taught about credit, mortgage, taking out loans, the truth behind applying to college and financial aid, as well as other useful things that are not usually discussed in high school. Students would be taught about facets of self-love, including caring for your body mentally and physically. True knowledge would just be taught, not just the stuff that allows you to grow up and work for somebody. Creativity will be celebrated and
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