Black Holes: A Fictional Narrative

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One month later - Wednesay July 8th, 1992 (5.21 p.m.) Tom shifted uncomfortably in his seat and focused his gaze on Doctor Li’s left ear. Once again, they were discussing his rape at the warehouse and once again, he wished they were talking about something else. The memories were still so vivid and he was still unable to come to terms with the embarrassment and shame he felt. He had followed Ana like a sheep to the slaughterhouse and although part of him blamed Mosco, he also blamed himself for being so trusting. Once upon a time, he had been a first class cop who relied on his instincts. But drugs had dulled his once perceptive senses, leaving him vulnerable to the lies and deception that rolled off the tongues of the unscrupulous. It was a valuable yet difficult lesson to learn because he continually questioned peoples’ motives, including Booker’s and by doing so, he remained…show more content…
“Yes.” Leaning forward in his chair, Li pressed forward. “So you blame him even though you weren’t in contact and he had no way of knowing you were at the warehouse until Mosco made the phone call?” Sniffing loudly, Tom nodded his head. “Yes.” “So it’s Dennis’ fault you were raped?” Li inquired. The question took Tom by surprise and he stared at the therapist with wide eyes. “No! I mean… Jesus, I don’t know. Maybe if he hadn’t abandoned me in prison, things would have been different.” Li hesitated for a moment before delivering his counter-argument. “And maybe if you hadn’t succumbed to Mosco’s advances, you wouldn’t have been duped into meeting Ana.” Tom’s body stiffened and he stared at the therapist with disbelieving eyes. “Are you saying it’s my fault I was raped?” he asked incredulously. With a patient smile, Li shook his head. “Of course not. But it’s not Dennis’ fault either. You could proportion some of the blame on Mosco, but ultimately, the only people responsible are the ones who committed the

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