Black Ink Poem Analysis

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Black Ink Dwight Drummond Table of Contents 1.Blend." 2. Secret Emotions." 3. A Mother's Touch." 4. The threat of a Woman." 5. Poets." 6. Walk the Mile." 7. Stay Young." 8. Relax." 9. Dawn." 10. Black Ink." 11. Infill." 12. Condition." 13. Twitch." 14. Shake." 15. Calm." 16. Temper." 17. I love her." 18. Words." 19. Gambles streets." 20. Bo." 21. Alone." 22. Streets." 23. Yet." 24. Lie." 25. Shattered." 26. Last." 27. Too Deep." 28. Release." 29. Creative Pathways." 30. Singing waters." 31. Pride." 32. Bank of Truce." 33. Griffin." 34. History." 35. Indeed." Blend Blended are the situations for what is considered Success when value for self worth seem opposite to the Reality…show more content…
Walk the Mile Those that consider to Walk the Mile instead driving the easy road to Success will reap the complete Reward of Success in the Future. Those that Understand the ways of the World will be led to the right Path in due time. If only they Walk the Mile. Stay Young Stay Young when those see you old. Stay Young when those see you cold. Stay Young when People are afraid of you. Stay Young when fellow friends Hate you. Stay Young when your name is Slandered for verily false Allegations. Stay Young when you seem there is Nothing to be Happy for in Life. Stay Young! Relax Be easy, Relax in the Breeze of Sunshine. Good Morning! Dawn Tears of your Blessing can only bring Love to my eyes with future Morning Dawn. Black Ink Black the New Agenda of this current era, stance for what is right in Life. faster have children learn songs from the Standard lives to Black Musicians Ink written In lyrics of Daily Confession put in Magazines for their future

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