How Do We Treat Black People

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I think that black lives matter too because everybody is important and should get treated the same way and just because one black person does something doesn't mean all black people are bad people. Like if a black person robs a store or something people think that all black people are that way but we aren't because there are some people that rob stores and commit crimes too that aren't black. That's why i think that people are making such a big deal about it and especially the things that happened in the past that's what really makes it bad like if none of that happened then it probably wouldn't be such a big deal about whenever black people get shot by a white person or something. And people think we run from the cops because we did something bad. No that's not everybody's reason the real reason is because they might be scared that they are gonna get there life taken away for no reason or they gonna get shot or something. Like ik that…show more content…
And whenever a black person sags or something its a problem but whenever white people sags nobody says nothing. And i just really wish that this would just change because there is too much going on right now and people just don't understand what black people really go through like dss and they always getting called poor and drug dealers but people don't really give black people a chance to prove themselves like some of us try not to do anything but we do it to survive. And sometimes we get tested like if somebody talks about us and expect us to straight up fight but no all black people are like that and whenever a white person tests the and the wrong black person just messes it up for every black person like. I mean black people try to be independent because of the past but nobody understands that but some black people will fight and there are some white people that will fight faster than black people
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