Black Like Me Book Report

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In the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin he wants to experience what African America people have to encounter on a daily basis. Griffin explains, “If a white man became a Negro in the Deep South, what adjustments would he have to make?” (Griffin 1960, 1). Here Griffin explains that if a white man were to become a color person many whites wouldn’t believe in his beliefs of his experiment because he wouldn’t go through the same thing that the colored people go through. With the experiment that Griffin goes through he not only convinces people that the Southern legislators don’t have that “wonderfully harmonious relationship” (Griffin 1960, 1). With the African American people but instead have a completely different view towards the African American. John Howard Griffin is a white male in the year 1959 that lived in Mansfield, Texas…show more content…
The book is interesting because I never would’ve thought that a white man would want to change his skin color to experience what African Americans went through in the 1900s. He is a unique character because he put himself in an African American shoe and felt the hate that the colored people had to go through. Griffin now has the right to say that he walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. This book clearly paints a picture to people because Griffin goes into depth about the pain and emptiness he feels as he goes through this journey. Yes, the material of the book was thought provoking because it makes you think about the struggles colored people had to go through during that time period. If I were to live in that time and was a white female I wouldn’t have the courage that Griffin had. I would be scared because that would mean that I’m putting my life at state by not knowing who or what wants to attack me just because I don’t have the same colored skin as
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