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Black Like Me written by John Howard Griffin is a book published in 1960 at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. When it comes to the saying ‘step in someone else’s shoe ‘John Howard Griffin take it to real life. .Deeply committed to the cause of racial justice and a need to understand the racial black experience, John Griffin takes it upon himself to temporarily become a black man. Experiences such as this one he undergoes “My revulsion turned to grief that my own people could give the hate stare, could shrivel men's souls, could deprive humans of rights they unhesitatingly accord their livestock." (Pg. 67) shows just what African American were going through at that time.
To want to go to such lengths to change the color of your skin there has to be a good reason right? I believe that John Howard Griffin was a strong believer in fair opportunities stated from the book "Too many of the more militant leaders are preaching Negro superiority. I pray that the Negro will not miss his chance to rise to greatness”, and what was going on with race through the Civil
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The overall theme that takes on in John Howard Griffins book is vileness of white racism and how evil it can be. The author reveals to all readers how painful it is too exposed to discrimination due to the color of your skin, something one cannot control. Griffin often tells us the anger, depression, and loneliness he felt for being a black man. Because of his skin color he non able to obtain higher achievement. Frustration is shown when quoted "Suddenly I had had enough. Suddenly I could stomach no more of this degradation- not of myself but of all men who were black like me."(Pg.132) I think Mr. Griffins great purpose of this book was to reveal exactly what African American where going through and what better way to do that than changing your identity from a white man to a black
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