Black Lives Matter Analysis

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“No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace!” In cities throughout the United States, this chant can be heard from the voices of people of color and their white allies. Recently, in many cities such as Ferguson, Baltimore, and Cleveland, people of color have been killed by the police for seemingly insignificant transgressions. This trend of potentially race-based killings has ignited a movement focused on educating America about its race problem. Black Lives Matter is a nationwide group dedicated to bringing awareness to institutionalized racism in America. Black Lives Matter consists of anyone who feels passionate about confronting the long-standing tradition of treating people of color as second-class citizens.
Black Lives Matter is vital
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Because most of what BLM does is organize protests and educational gatherings, its need for supplies is very low. Most signs and other protest necessities are brought by the protesters themselves. The internet has played a crucial role in how this movement has formed and grown over time. Instead of using word of mouth to organize protests, BLM has taken to social media. Almost every big city in the U.S has their own chapter of Black Lives Matter and each chapter creates events on various social media sites to invite people to protests. By doing something as simple as getting on twitter and using the Black Lives Matter hashtag, people are helping spread the message of BLM without spending a…show more content…
Not only does it give people of color a voice, it also helps educate white people about things like systemic racism. America cannot grow any further until the treatment of people of color is addressed and changed and Black Lives Matter is actively helping that happen. Black Lives Matter is a group that is very near and dear to my heart and I was so thankful to be able to speak at length with Joshua about all that the group does. Joshua, a young black man, was able to provide a valuable perspective about BLM and all that it has achieved and overcome. As a young white woman I try to educate myself as much as possible about things like racism and systematic injustice and Joshua gave me whole new view of the BLM movement. With the help of Black Lives Matter, there is hope for the ending of institutionalized
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