Black Lives Matter: Civil Rights Movement

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Black Lives do Matter Unless you live under a rock, you have atleast heard of black lives matter and understand what this movement mean as a whole. In case you don 't know or understand, Black Lives Matter is a Civil Rights movement against police brutality, wrongful killing of blacks , and being subjective to racism and white supremacist on a daily basis. Some people believe that this movement is racist ,Anti-American, and not a civil rights movement , they believe this just a bunch of thugs that are anti-police ,anti-American and that we are just “pulling the race card” to get what we want in America and to get head in life.Some people also try to change Black Lives Matter to “All Lives Matter” because they do not fully understand the meaning…show more content…
Those who say All Lives Matter are trying to proclaim that instead of Black Lives Matter say All Lives Matter because “all” lives do matter and we as a community should focus on just one race, we should have equality for “all”. “Some supporters use the slogan as part of a claim that Black Lives Matter overlooks the importance of other kinds of people, including police officers, who also die due to violence”(All Lives Matter).But what they do not realize is that when they say All Lives Matter you are indeed deterring Black Lives Matter and what it means. Black Lives Matter understands that “all lives matter but this is just focusing on Black lives which undergo the most violence and police brutality. “All Lives Matter” is a problem because it refocuses the issue away from systemic racism and Black lives. It distracts and diminishes the message that Black lives matter or that they should matter more than they do”(Huffington Post). The consequence of using All Lives Matter has a tremendous affect on Black Lives Matter
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