Black Lives Matter: Discrimination In Society

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Every day I wake up to a world that constantly remind me we are different in every aspect of life. I turn on the television to hear the news announced information that will forever let the nation know that although, time has passed hate still lingers in every day activity. As a black woman and a product of the millennial generation, time has change but the past still remains the same which in theory follows the present generations and probably will also attack the future generation. You might ask yourself what does this general statement refer, well discrimination and racism is still livid and alive. The only different with the present and the past is that you could voice your hate and visibly show your discrimination, compare to now its…show more content…
Too many lives were being taking for granted in the African American community. Although, discrimination and racism has been a constant in today society racist were being very discreet about how they truly felt about the minority group. Police brutality was no longer a latent action. Technology was exposing racist for whom they truly were. Black Lives Matter is now worldwide and letting society know that black lives are symbols of society and hurting black people is notice and really not appreciated. Meanwhile, I took time out to figure out how I could make a difference to reach my young children that are the future generation of society. That being said, I volunteer my time into helping trouble kids that were having problem with school, life, or family. To my surprise I met a multitude of young African American boys whom said they witness discrimination and the harsh reality of this all is that there even teenagers yet and the grasp the understanding of police brutality and harsh treatment towards their race in generals. Therefore, I take my time to explain to these young men their lives are precious and making the wrong decision can label you for the rest of your life. I also tell the story on how my brother died and make it appoint to let them know until this day the family still does not know what happen or why gun shots were…show more content…
(OpenStaxCollege). In some weird theory functionalist feel as though race and discrimination actually serve equilibrium in society (OpenStaxCollege). A functionalist believe that racism benefit the superior group which in most places in the United States is associated with the white society (OpenStaxCollege). Therefore, groups like Black Lives Matter would chastised functionalist theory and make valid argument that blacks live are not inferior to the white society. Black lives Matter would also argue that racism and discrimination is not acceptable and being the oppress group of society will no longer

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