Black Lives Matter: Gasoline In Today's Society

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The year was 1958. The hot sun beat down on the heads of the kids huddled around the unimaginably boiling asphalt. There was silence, shortly after followed by a barrage of footsteps and then a tiny metal CLUNK. Gil Gerhard, my grandfather, had just finished a game of ‘kick the can’ outside with his buddies; this was a common past time for many children back then. Kids would fill the streets during the day with an array of activities such as the ones my grandfather played. Everyone back then was most likely in shape, or at least very active most of the day. There wasn’t any reason to be inside besides to die of boredom. So, children’s imaginations were always flooded with creative and imaginative ideas. Even playing with a stick could be turned into a game back then. Even if you didn’t have the imagination for that kind of thing, not everyone does, a pack of cigarettes back then would cost around 25 cents. Gasoline would cost…show more content…
Some call it a movement, some call it a cult, who cares. Racial tensions are at an all-time high, and for absolutely zero actual reason. Police officers are being targeted for the actions of a few corrupt men and women that should have been trained to handle a high-pressure situation better. The Washington Post reported that back in 2015 cops actually shot twice as many white people as they did black people. That’s all this movement is. It’s just someone picking and choosing certain cases and events to then lay Hell upon America, the land of the once great. Everyone is turning on each other, and that’s the opposite of productive. If we want this nation to grow, we need to band together and help save it before it’s too late. I have a homosexual friend, a black friend, a Mexican friend, an Asian friend, everyone. The people I’m around seem to be much more tolerant around all races and sexualities, which is a very uplifting thought that everyone could be like
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