Black Lives Matter Movement Speech Outline

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Purpose: This presentation is to inform student about how the Black Lives Matter Movement has influenced many young leaders on college campuses and universities and also the rise in student activism.
Attention getter: Although starting off as a hashtag the Black Lives Matter Movement has made a remarkable awaking on many college campuses and universities.
Thesis: The Black Live Matter Movement has influenced many students through peaceful protesting, student organizations, and student activism about the awareness of racism on college campus and universities.
1. Black Lives Matter has started an up-roar of peacefully protest.
i) Political activism is one-way youth can fight institutional discrimination and seek legislative change
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2. Not only do individuals participate in the black lives matter movement, student organizations are getting involved too.
i) In 2015 many student organizations where formed to teach students about police brutality and about knowing your rights. [Cite White] ii) Student organizations use politics and history to relate to the Black Lives Matter movement. [Cite Wilson] iii) Black Live Matter has influenced many student organizations to go out and help their community by getting involved and standing up for racism on campus. iv) Students are now becoming more involved with organizations that deal with issues that relate to them.
Transition: the rise of student activism is one of the largest influences that the Black Lives Matter Movement have on the youth of today’s society.
3. Student activism has been reborn since the era of the civil rights movement especially for student of color.
i) In a study about the percentage of Black students participating in student activism since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has doubled (over 50%) since before the movement started. [Cite
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