Black Lives Matter Persuasive Speech

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When you think of Black Lives Matter what do you think? A hate movement? Violence? Well it is in fact none of those things and this article is going to help you understand why. After the murder of Treyvon Martin in the year 2012 the Black Lives Matter movement was created in response to this unjust death. The title of the article I chose to address is titled “The rise of Black Lives Matter: Trying to break the cycle of violence and silence”. This article extend beyond the idea of Black Lives Matter and wants the reader to be informed on what it is like to be black in america. The author includes a wide amount of information to help the reader understand why this cry for help was even created and why they want to stand up and make a change in our society. The purpose of this piece is to inform the general audience as to what Black Lives Matter really is and explain how they hope to rise as a movement. All though there may be issues within the group and outside forces that are wanting to go against them they will still not be silenced. Black Lives Matter is a wide spread activist movement that campaigns against systematic racism and oppression towards black people. With the use of well known activist to initiate a strong ethos, informing the audience that just like Martin Luther King and the Black Panther Movement there 's always going to be dispute through the use of logos and feelings presented about oppression towards the black community to establish pathos, Sidner and
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