Black Lives Matter Persuasive Speech

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Another crucial point that Black Lives Matter movement requires is collaboration and partnership. The movement must reach out to other organizations across the nation to support and stand for Black people. Effective protesters need to have a variety of ways for families, youth and communities to be involved. They need to create partnership with local churches, schools, agencies and organizations and draw on the strength of the community wide collaboration. Social movement is multifaceted; there are different ways to be involved and different levels of involvement. Social movement is not the task of a few persons, called to a specific purpose, but it is the responsibility of the whole community. They must learn the commitment to shared goals, consensus decision making, open and honest communication, shared leadership, climate of cooperation, and collaboration. Partnership and collaboration with others need sacrifices from both sides to be able to share vision, open up for communication, confrontation, etc. …, and most importantly, to sacrifice oneself in order to reach the vision or the plan that they have set out to achieve. For instance, the Indian Independence March, the Selma March, and the Sharpeville Massacre showed “self-sacrifice” of the protest through many deaths to gain independence (Howard). Furthermore, Black Lives Matter should reinforce community education, which should include black and white people. Education in all settings should be reinforced.

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