Black Lives Matter: Police Brutality In The US

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Black Lives Matter is a social movement that has attracted many civilans in the United states. The purpose of the movement is to inform people about police brutality against black people. The movement wants people to be aware of the injustice being done to black people by law inforcement and goverment officals. Many people are taking this into consideration becuse African Americans have been mistreaded in the past and still are in present day. In todys world a black man is looked upon as a criminal because they might look suspicios or fit a certain category. The movement had orginally started on social media as a hashtag, leading to an actual organization. African Americans have long, fought for freedom, however our law doesnt give justice…show more content…
Many of the victims were unarmed when they were fatally killed by police officers. Many of the killings resulted in the officers being charged. However in the cases of Micheal Brown and Eric Garner the suspects were not charged due to the courts ruling. The case of Trayon Martin had orginally awaken the Black lives matter movement. After a couple months people had setteled down from the protest, until the death of Micheal Brown. Micheal Brown was an 18 year old boy who was fatally shot by a police office, Darren Wilson. Both Micheal Brown and the police officer failed to coperate with each other. The police officer thought Micheal Brown matched the description of another criminal. Micheal Brown was running towards the vehicle when the cop open fired. The incident of Eric Garner occured in Staten Island. The police officer assumed that Eric was selling cigarettes. After Eric repeddly denied he was chocked by the police officers. Later that day he was pronaunced died due to the choke and breathing problems. A video was capuared by a bystander, who contacted the movement. The video was then relased publicy and viewed by millions of people. Another Incidents that occured was the death of Freddie Gray a 25 year old man. The police officers suspected illegal activity and arrested him. All the incidents took place in the same time frame therefor a national outrage begun in Ferguson and
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