Black Lives Matter: Police Discrimination

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It has come to my attention that not everyone is this world is receiving equality and getting justice. Over the last few years the numbers of innocent people especially African Americans being killed have risen dramatically. The whole Black Lives Matter issue started after George Zimmerman was found not guilty for the killing of Trevon martin. Once that situation took place everything started to go downhill and police brutality just kept getting worse towards the African race. If everyone would look at people the same instead of by the color of their skin they maybe things could go a lot smoother and innocent people would not be getting killed. The issue is getting so bad that everyone around the world is joining in on the movement either…show more content…
When the Baltimore riots took place everyone around the world not just in Maryland started pointing fingers towards the black people. However, it was just the African race getting blamed when multiple races were involved in the riots. The riots took place because of innocent black people were being killed for example Freddy Gray was killed in the back of a patty wagon. Mr. Gray was put into the vehicle alive and well but when they went to take him out he was unresponsive. Alton Sterling would be another perfect example of police brutality against the African race. Mr. Sterling was selling cds outside of a store and a homeless man approached him asking him for money he showed his REGISTRATED gun and said leave me alone. The police arrived and took Mr. Sterling to the ground and had him restrained when they said he reached for his gun then the police office shot him in the chest. I feel as if everyone was to come together as a community in the places they live then we could stop this issue sooner than later. This situation is sad and heart breaking and sad to many families because their loves ones and friends are being killed by the police force for no reason at all. We the United States of American can stop this issue with no problem we just need everyone’s help and
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