Black Lives Matter Speech: All It Took Was Three Minutes

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All It Took Was Three Minutes Imagine a world where your last name is literally the cause of your death. Does it seem beyond the bonds of possibility to you? Unfortunately, it’s not. Unarmed, recent high school-graduated Michael Brown, suffered on August 9th 2014 his untimely death. At 12:01 he was confronted by (white) officer Darren Wilson; three minutes & six shots later at 12:04, he was found lying dead on the ground. 180 seconds doesn’t seem like much, nevertheless, it was enough to hoard Americans together in a struggle against the police brutality alongside their authority problem. Facing the race problem in the land of the free is pure fortitude. Nevertheless, as black president Barack Obama mentions; “Giving into the anger by looting or carrying guns, and even attacking the police, only deserves to raise…show more content…
Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator for the gated community where Martin was living. Martin was, as in the case with Michael Brown, completely unarmed, and his executioner was released and didn’t face any criminal charges. Unfortunately, that just buttresses the fact that black people have an inferior role in the American community. It’s not simple to fix a problem that isn’t official, but rather known as a national benchmark. Ishmael Sistrunk considers how to patch up the bleeding wound between black men & the compelling policemen in his article titled “Walking while black: Michael Brown, black men and white police officers”. Sistrunk mentions that he thought the tables would turn when Barack Obama was elected as the first African American president. To his surprise, it didn’t. Sistrunk also emphasizes that he doesn’t have anything against the good police officers, but those who take advantage of their authority needs to be held to a higher
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