Black Lives Matter Summary

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Unifying or Dividing? Do Groups Like Black Lives Matter Help End Racial Discrimination?
Watching the news and social media, information of police injustice and racial discrimination seem endless. The news shows huge riots that have risen and have caused havoc in major cities. The biggest group against police injustice is Black Lives Matter. In 2012, a fatal gun shot gave rise to one of the biggest movement that the U.S. has seen in years: George Zimmerman shot 17-year old Trayvon Martin. After a year, Zimmerman was declared not guilty by the jury and caused chaos in the streets and schools of Florida. Ash Lee, organizer of Regional South, responded to Zimmerman’s case as “[w]e’re building the bicycle while riding it and being shot at.” In the article “Black Lives Matter” by Dani McClain, he notes that “hundreds of high-school students in Miami-Dade and Broward counties staged walkouts to protest the fact that Zimmerman hadn’t been arrested on any charges”
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However, more shootings have come to light and the once peaceful and helpful group has turned into violent riots causing curfews and breaking up of protests, such as in Charleston less than a month ago. Discriminative support groups have been aiding people in picking sides rather than furthering social and civil rights. Building support groups to not target a side, but aim to further their social rights and other group’s social rights will change groups who’ve been dividing our culture.
Discriminative support groups come in all shapes and sizes. Support groups can include: women 's rights, different race’s rights, sexual orientation rights, and much more. Most support groups are titled “Feminists” or “LBGT”; however, controversial names have risen like “Black Lives Matter”. Black Lives Matter have risen to fame for
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