Black Lives Matter: The Black Liberation Movement

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During the African diaspora, Europeans exemplified their superiority over Africans on two distinct levels – individual and institutional. While individual oppression inflicts superiority over one individual, in the case of a slave and their owner, institutional embodies a race and their culture. Due to its capacity, “Institutional impression impacts millions of people and limits their opportunities in ways that individual acts cannot” (Beckham, 2001). Institutional impression entails the elimination of humanity from a group of individuals, degrading them to human slaves. Irate by their repulsive treatment, Africans brought about resistance that challenged white supremacy and maintained the racial hierarchies. This resistance demonstrates in…show more content…
For example, a resistance act occurring today includes the “Black Lives Matter” movement, ensuing throughout the United States. According to this movements website, “Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes,” it is a “tactic to (re)build the Black liberation movement” (Black Lives Matter, n.d.). Infuriated by the depiction of Blacks in the media, unlawful treatment, and racial discrimination, Blacks begun to voice their opinions to the Nation. While this movement may preserve a desire to rebuild the Black liberation movement, its effects go beyond this goal. In my home state of Minnesota, the “Black Lives Matter” movement devises uproar, shutting down highways and flights in and out of the Minneapolis airport. Individuals not only retain awareness of Black’s concerns, but also perceive frustration and revulsion due a societal disruption. In fact, this movement may produce more harm than good. The individuals of this generation did not live during the slave trade period, yet stand liable for the actions of our ancestors. This country progressed away from racist attitudes, but movements such as “Black Lives Matter”, bring racism back into the forefront of society. The media emphasizes the cases that illuminate racist attributions, as it instigates individuals to re-experience the past and generate controversy. While Africans no longer fight for their freedom, they subsist fighting for equal treatment and justice in a society of stereotypes and stigma. Whether violent or nonviolent, these acts of resistance will endure until equality
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