Real Black Love Reflection Paper

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In order for a relationship to form, there has to be some type of attraction, either it 's physically or personality attractiveness. Attending the Black Family conference, I had the opportunity to witness “Real Black Love” from a famous Radio star known as “DJ Envy” and his wife Gia Casey. As well as two R&B Love singers “Kindred from the family souls.” Learning the process of how both couples connected in a meaningful way was particularly fascinated. Relationships tend to go through different stages as they grow and mature and in this reflection paper, it describes the forming of their relationship to the development including the challenges that were faced, the importance of faith and the qualities that made their relationship successful…show more content…
He fell in love with her attraction, her “double D’s” is what he called it. As psychologist suggested, relationships are sometimes formed from physical attractiveness. Despite what people would like to think, physical attractiveness really matters. People are strongly influenced by their partner attractiveness. Attractiveness is also judged more positively on many different levels within the culture. In addition, reinforcement- affect model is where people who like people who reciprocate and or reinforce the same likeness. With the reinforcement affect model it is said that those who are neutral reinforcement associated with reward, it will elicit positive feelings which encourage the formation of the Casey’s relationship. In other word’s the furthering of the likelihood of their relationship developing began after DJ Envy continually pursued his love for Gia and reaching out to her. Also, with the Kindred the family souls, the operant conditioning (definition) occur when Fatin Dantzler was positively reinforced with Aja, offering pleasant stimulus such as phone calls. After talking and getting to know each other, they began dating and eight months later they were
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