Black Love Reflection

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In order for a relationship to form, there has to be some type of attraction, either it 's physically or personality attractiveness. Attending the Black Family conference, I had the opportunity to witness “Real Black Love” from a famous Radio star known as “DJ Envy” and his wife Gia Casey. As well as two R&B Love singers “Kindred from the family souls.” Learning the process of how both couples connected in a meaningful way was particularly fascinated. Relationships tend to go through different stages as they grow and mature and in this reflection paper, it describes the forming of their relationship to the development including the challenges that were faced, the importance of faith and the qualities that made their relationship successful and…show more content…
Especially for the Casey’s. It was what kept their family together after Envy cheated. They always kept god at the forefront and prayed a lot. Their truth is what makes their relationship “real black love.” They share their experiences by promoting both love and god. Although DJ Envy committed infidelity, all relationship has problems rather its dissatisfaction or making attributions that cast your partner and your relationship in a negative light (social psychology citation), it’s being able to live in your truth is what matters. The Casey’s was able to live through the truth. Gia Casey believed that “If you don’t value truth then you are just living up to the ideal.” They were able to look at the bright side of things such as living their purpose. They also learn how to value their relationship and their true authentic self-more than the failures of their relationship. In addition, Aja also touches on the idea that marriage is half your religion. She stated that “Nothing turns the mirror on yourself than marriage.” Marriage is about looking inward and working on yourself and self-awareness. Faith is a way to make your love stronger, they believed after finding faith in common with your partner then all the other fundamentals and essentials of a relationship will fall into place. Overall, Faith is the base and foundation of a
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