Black Man Like Me Analysis

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In the book “ Black man like me”, by ‘John Howard Griffin’, transformed into a black man to grab a understanding of how the negro’s have there ways with the world in that time and its mindset against that certain race. Throughout all the discretion of him of being a black man he was curious by the ways they have to stay out of sight figuratively speaking. John H. Griffin is trying to understand the racial discrimination between whites and blacks. During the transition to a becoming a black man. On page 18, it shows that when he became a black man he went to a store where he had been going to when he was white and the cashier showed no recognition. While no one he had met previously recognized him, it showed to the fact that he had successfully became a black man. Through the racial discrimination experiment that Mr. Griffin went through it showed all the colors between black and white. It reveal the grays in between the lines. In the course of the challenge he is constantly reminded of the status that a black man holds. Which is lower than a white man, meaning that in the white’s eyes blacks are considered to be much less…show more content…
He will be able to look through the thin fabric that separates the two different world of race and put himself in the black man's shoes and understand the amount of pain they have to go through everyday. It was not foolish of Mr.Griffin to do the experiment, even though unspoken rules to not put yourself in a black man’s sustain . the unseen line that separates the blacks and whites that have caused so much trouble and hate. It has traveled into the next generation. The conducted research overall has help cover a greater understanding of the problem. It was thoughtful of him to conduct this activity it could never be foolish of someone to do something for the greater good of understanding of racial
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