Black Men And Public Space Essay

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The strong insistence by these two writer that media just look on and examine people’s looks without considering their dignities, helps readers visualize how similarly Staples and Cofer view society. For both authors, a myth of the media stating that stereotypes are developing and persisting. In “Black Men and Public Space”, Ben Staples describes how he looks like when he is enough to frighten a young white women on the street late at night. He is a man with “six feet two inches height, and a beard and billowing hair”. Black men wearing a bulky jacket, to the public, are all fatal and threatening. Therefore, people avoid walking on the same path with him as if he is a mugger who occasionally appears in the public without covering his face. Receiving such reactions from the public,…show more content…
Ben Staples claims in his article that he whistles Vivaldi’s bright selections, and virtually everyone stop sensing “a mugger warbling classical music”. To take precautions to make himself less threatening, he spends more time dressing up in a business suit instead of his casual clothes to work. Walking by, his colleagues automatically clears out the doubt that he is about to terrorize the office. Change is also implemented by Cofer. In “The Myth of Latina Women”, Cofer says that she is so lucky to learn American culture quickly, and adjust her own intonation in order to fit in American styles. Seeing her efforts to adapt a new world, her friends esteem her more and also are interested in discovering Latin cultures. Putting their own suggestions at the end of their essays is not only for telling it, but also for encouraging people to justify the balance of their own character and social heritage. Indeed, Staples and Cofer do not want people from ethnic community like them to be cast out by clueless prejudices or to lose their unique
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