Black Men In Public Space Analysis

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Black Men in Public space
In Brent Staple “Black Men in Public Space” This story tells of a Black Man walking down the street late at night suffering from insomnia/ walking behind a white woman, who glanced back at him. Staples deal with the perceived aggression of black men, through the cultural misconceptions of white women. Staple’s article illuminated the ugly truths of human nature that resonated toward members of the African American community, In Staple’s excerpt he states “there seemed to be a discreet un-inflammatory distance between us”. The Caucasian woman looked back at him, no words were exchanged. The familiarity of this situation is uncanny. The majority of African Americans have experienced racism in one form or another.
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There are myths/stories are handed down from generation to generation telling what another culture is like. The only way to know for sure what a culture is like is to, immerse yourself into that culture. STAPLES: (618).

Staples started this article with a bang, alluding to a lie, “the Caucasian was his first victim. After reading more we find that she was a perceived victim We find that the Caucasian female walking alone late at night was truly not his victim (she walked in front of him} she may have had a justifiable reason for being scared, cautious and slightly paranoid.
Any woman walking alone at night may have feelings of apprehension regardless of race or color). He thought to himself-I might actually be able to get some sleep when I get back home. She gave a glance that spoke volumes without words. The intense sound of her stride against the pavement set the pace for a run not walk. He began to realize how his mere presence was affecting the
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