Black Nativity, By Langston Hughes

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A majority of Black Americans usually follow what is known today as the “Black Church” These religions include Baptist and Methodism. These religious formations took place during the time of slavery. During the time of slavery, Blacks were not able to freely worship God. This led white Evangelical Baptist and Methodist preachers to travel throughout the South and sped their Religion to slaves. This led many slaves to convert to Methodism and Baptist. The religion themselves are based on the values and practices of Christianity, but also include a focus on social issues such as poverty, gang violence, drug use, prison ministries and racism.() A study found that black Christians were more likely to have heard about health care reform from their pastors than were white…show more content…
Black Nativity by Langston Hughes is a re-telling of the classic Nativity story with gospel music () According to the Research there was a high percentage of Blacks 75 percent considered Religion important part of their lives. In addition to highe church attendance, they are more likely to say religion is very important in their lives: 79 percent of African-Americans express this view, compared with 56 percent of all Americans. African-Americans are more likely to pray, with 76 percent claiming to pray daily, compared with 58 percent of all Americans. Even among African-Americans with no religious affiliation, 70 percent believe in God and almost half pray daily. African-American religions and religious beliefs spring from this community 's history of oppression as well as its African
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