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Meet At Midnight: 30 Beautiful Black Ombres That Will Make You Look Twice

Black is a fantastic hair color choice because it can be teamed successfully with most other shades and is well suited for most skin tones. If you are looking for a darker style why not try a black ombre? If you are not ready for an all over black color then an ombre if perfect because you can choose the amount of dark color you wish to have and add browns, blondes and, as you will see, even bright blues and pastel purples!

# 1 Cocoa Coffee
In this sleek black ombre, the shades that have been used are an espresso hue for the base covered by smooth streaks of warm cocoa. Towards the tips, some deep golden brown babylights have been added to bring light into the hairstyle
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There is no chance anyone would overlook you with this hot ombre! Midnight black color runs from the roots until the shoulders where it fades into a deep ruby shade. Finally, a layer of electric strawberry red has been added all along the edges. With such striking colors, heavy styling is not necessary and this spectrum looks great against her sexy tousled locks.
# 13 Galaxy Hair
For this unique look, the stylist has used azure blue to color the lower portion of the hair, which is set with big barrel curls. The base color is a shiny black with subtle streaks of dark lavender and midnight blue blended in.

# 14 Coffee Shake
This ombre has been superbly blended and the colors used are beautifully natural. Shades of mochaccino and caramel have been used to color the bulk of the hair while an espresso hue has been used against the roots and blended away into a rosewood shade. A simple messy look like this is perfect for a daytime look.

# 15 Shimmer Shine
Black to blonde? Yes, please! A deep espresso shade has been used for the roots and as lowlights for this do. Over this base, streaks of amber brown, caramel and baby blonde have been added and the hair was blow dried and brushed out to allow the colors to mix together. The bottom portion of the hair is styled in curls, bringing the lightest colors

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