Black Or White Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis The title of the song is Black or White and the artist was Michael Jackson. This song was released November 11, 1991 and the genre of this song was New jack swing, hip hop, and rock. These lyrics describe his opinion on racism. He is complaining that racism makes us intolerant of others and therefore more violent. He states that he is not scared of anyone when things get bad and will not let the racism that another person has for a different ethnicity bother him at all. The speaker desire was to attempt to change the way people thought about race. His audience is to the whole world and all races. The song reinforces the appeal by repetition they use, tempo and word choice they use. The speaker keeps repeating “doesn’t matter if you black or white” to emphasize his point on racism in the world.” But if you're thinkin' about my baby It don't matter if you're black or white” tells me he doesn’t care if his girl is black or white. Your skin color shouldn’t determine who to be friends with or be a different person because their skin color is different from…show more content…
When it gets to the middle of the song the tempo starts changing and makes the song seem like a whole different song is transitioning. The song starts changing tempo when he says “Protection for gangs, clubs and nations causing grief in human relations”. The tempo changes when L.T.B. sings in his phone. This appeal is logic because he is arguing about something. The examples are tempo, repetition, and word choice. All these examples suggest an appeal for logic, emotion, and values. He wants the audience to understand that skin color should not determine what’s wrong and what’s right. He wants the audience to put a stop to racism. They need to understand that racism is not cool under any circumstance at all. He just wants the world to come together so we all can be friends and not look at each other as

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