Black Panther Analysis

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Hence, the movie Black Panther epitomizes this Baldwin 's quote. The quote screams art and it happens to be a cultural event as well. Wakanda is country in African, although it is fictitious, but the hidden answers it reveal 's is quite riveting. For example, Wakanda as Country had never conquered by anyone. To get even deeper I will bring in the racial component of this analysis Aunty; Wakanda has never been conquered by any Europeans as well. You and I know both know the magnitude of this meaning, of the history of our people. Hence, when Columbus arrived to our island in 1492, the island fell to the same atrocities that the Africans had to endure such as, sexual assaults, murders, and even kidnapping. Let us not forget the fact the Africans were subjected to inhumane treatments by being forced to be stacked on top of other on ships, that eventually took them to their death, slavery, and oppression. These are just a few of the many hidden answers Baldwin was speaking of Aunty. Consequently, what the film also revealed is that colonization not only shaped the stories and legacies of African Americans, but is also speaks to the narratives of African Countries. Moreover, other questions and hidden answers from the film Black Panther reveal 's information about countries where the colonizers staged these surrogate wars and were they propped up dictorships. Ultimately, this was done so that colonizers could continue to reap the benefits of harvesting Africa 's rich natural

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