Black Panther Movie Analysis

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Kinetic, purposeful and visually awesome! Those are just some of the words I can use to describe how I feel about the Black Panther movie. This movie checks off a lot of boxes for what I feel is a great superhero movie. Writing, directing, costume design, soundtrack, production design and acting are all beautifully done! Warning: I will be abusing my exclamation points during this review – I loved this movie that much!!
Lets start with the writing. This film consists of many layers and one of those layers, culture, sets it apart from other superhero films. Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole did a great job in infusing African culture into the film. The way women were portrayed in this movie was also a breath of fresh air (Thing I liked most about the film) – finally someone got it right! Wonder Woman was close until they threw Chris Pines character in and then I was over it, next. T’Challa’s female protection squad, the Dora Milaje and its leader Okoye play a huge role in this film. These women are depicted as warriors
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You can tell a lot of hard work, research and dedication went into each of their parts. From the way Shuri is surfing on top of a car to the skillful and meticulous way that Okoye uses her weapon. It all comes together beautifully! I found this film extremely enriching, I walked out of the theater hopeful, especially because of what is happening in our country right now. A movie that explores what it means to be black, with an almost all black cast, directed by a black director. Finally! This film wasn’t just a film. It had something important to say and I think it will have a positive impact on society. This film embraces diversity, shines a light on feminism, equality, the need for solidarity and the legacy of Colonialism. In history, there has been art/artists that have impacted the world – Shakespeare for example. This film and everyone involved will go down as history making and world

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