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The talk by Mr. Darrell Cannon and Mr. G. Flint Taylor was very interesting and eye-opening. Overall, in the recent years my faith in the police and the justice system has been dwindling and after hearing their talk, it only strengthened my fading beliefs. As a little kid, you are taught that the police are to protect, and for the most part they do; but only until they keep their biases out of their work. Prior to the talk, I was not very aware or familiar with the Black Panther Party and the death of Fred Hampton. It was heartbreaking to hear how brutally he was murdered, and how little regard or value was given to him, not a single officer was arrested for that crime. Where did our need and desire to serve justice to all go in that moment? The police…show more content…
I find it disturbing that we are so adamant about wanting to be correct and serving justice that we fail to see others as humans. I believe Mr. Taylor mentioned that over 125 victims claimed being tortured by Burge and his cohorts. I am glad that there are projects initiated to fight for reparations. The lives of innocent people are ruined due to police ego. I think the part that most stuck out to me from Mr. Cannon's speech was when he said that he will always have added grief from what he experienced and a strong hatred for his abusers. I have never seen someone so courageous, he is brave enough to resist the urge to attack his abusers and is sending positive messages to people all across the country. That is a man who is strong, strong enough to turn his hatred into a passion to educate others. It could have been very easy for him to end up on the streets, pick fights with every cop that came his way, but instead he chose to be the bigger person. He just inspires me to not give up and to fight against your biggest

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