Black Plague In Medieval Europe

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The Black Plague and its causes The effects of the Black Plague on Medieval Europe was caused by infected rats, dirty cities, and bad hygiene. There was a mortality rate of 31% When the black plague was in effect in Medieval Europe (Gottfried S. Robert). Many people thought it was the end of the world because of so many people dying, at such of high rate, family members would bury one another. One of the reasons that the black Plague started was because of rats. As mentioned in “true cause of the plague” it stated, “it is transferred to people from fleas that jump off of plague infected rats.”(The true cause of the plague). Rats could be seen in the streets of medieval Europe and the plague was easily spread. To sum up, rats were an easy…show more content…
A source stated that, “In Paris, London and other medieval towns animals were slaughtered outdoors on the street, and since butchers rarely picked up after themselves animals remains littered the streets.”(Document D). The cited information meant that animal leftovers were left on the street and other animals could have eaten those leftovers, in which humans get infected later on. The blood of the carcasses flowed down the streets into gardens, and parks. (Also document D) In conclusion, dirty streets worsened the black plague and made it more containable to people that lived in the medieval European age. Lastly, another effect that caused the black plague during medieval Europe was because of having bad hygiene. Having bad hygiene affected this time because the Europeans had to be cleaner than ever due to the black plague and how could have been easily contained. According to document E,” In Medieval Europe the average person (noble or peasant) changed their clothing and took a bath about 2 times per year.” (Document E) This meant that almost all year they were dirty and filthy, and hygiene can help prevent illnesses if you take care of your body. To conclude, people in medieval Europe didn’t take care
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