Black Plague Narrative

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The Black Plague

I was walking down the road and, then I saw a man fall on the ground for no reason and thought it was the plague so I ran home got my stuff and ran out of town. I ended up at another town and there was a lot of people so “I asked a man for a newspaper.” And luckily there was a person that would let me borrow their newspaper and I read about my town and that death but I ran out of town for a person that died from the flu. So I was worried at nothing but I only ran because there has been a few deaths from plague. A month ago there was a big thing with the plague and over a million people died. But luckily I was the only one to survive but after that was done millions more people came to my village so it 's back to normal.

I think my life changed after the day I read the newspaper because then I saw that more people were dying and I knew what from it was the plague. So I ran back to my village and I noticed everyone was gone but I ran to the cemetery and I saw something horrible it was that everyone was dead and were smoldering from the fire that they were burned in.

So I was alone in my village and I was preparing for the worse I found a gas mask in the hospital plus I found a hazard suit in the nuclear base where they make their nuclear bombs. But I noticed a hand that was moving in the middle of mostly
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So I got down there and right when I closed the door I heard the bomb go off then I went up the stairs a quarter of the way and that 's how deep the crater was and bom was a little bigger than i thought and I was so unstable that it blew up some of the near bye towns. But all I was happy about was that I survived the plague twice and I survived the zombie
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